Selling Your Home (In a Nutshell)

Selling your home? What should you expect? What should you look out for?  Why are Realtor’s headshots so corny?

You aren’t here to read a novel, and I doubt I will convince you of how smart I am in a few short sentences. (I am, ask my Mom)  I can, however, share informative, and easy to digest, informational flow charts with you! Click here to see the awesome chart!

We have a book binding machine in our office, and I love making books.  Don’t you love the smell of a new book?  I make hard cover books for several reasons, but most of the time it is for educational purposes.  I have books full of pages, just like the one linked above, that outline entire processes in real estate.  Want to buy a home? I’ve got a book!  Selling your home? Yup, I’ve got a book for that! Want to learn more about our company? I’ve got a book for that too!

These books are free for you, and you don’t need to be my client to get a book! If you would like to learn more before you jump into buying or selling your home, send me a message and let’s talk!  Decisions this big shouldn’t be rushed, and being informed is the best way of ensuring what is best for you, and/or your family!

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