Video Marketing – The Digital Age of Real Estate

We live in the digital age of  real estate and multi-media channels. Consumers are gravitating to mobile media and often consume from multiple mediums at one time. There are more than 2 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month and half of YouTube views are on mobile devices. Today’s homebuyers are an empowered consumer generation that does their homework ahead of time. They search, research, watch, visit, try, purchase, and review. With over nine out of ten homebuyers beginning their search online and 403% more inquires for listings with video than without, video marketing is key to reaching the largest audience. Showcasing a home through video marketing gives homebuyers a sense of the features and lifestyle that cannot be conveyed through description or even photos. Ninety percent of consumers find video helpful in their decision process and an estimated 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 was video. Video has become key in the home buying process when considering a home and sharing it with their advice network. Video is also one of the most effective and viral marketing options to reach out of area homebuyers looking to relocate or purchase a vacation home. Our Video Marketing utilizes a professional team of videographers, editors, and creative designers to create a true video of your home. I will develop, script, oversee and facilitate the production of a listing video that gives homebuyers the best picture of the property, illustrates the special features buyers are looking for, and entices them to come by for a visit. If you would like to learn more about the unique things I do to market your property send me a message! I’d love to chat!

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Robert Gideon II


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